Five Factors that Could Affect Tiger Wood’s Game

On Thursday, Tiger Woods will make an appearance in the 2012 PGA Tour which will be held at the AT&T Pebble Beach national Pro-Am. The opinions of the people about Wood’s return were conflicting. One side thinks that Wood’s still have what it takes to be a PGA Tour champion while the other side is doubtful if Wood will be able to step away from his troubled past.

To better weigh the many things surrounding these issues, here are five factors that could either make or break Wood’s golf career:

1. In his two year hiatus, Wood was able to concentrate on his training. “My body’s feeling explosive again. … I can literally train all day now,” he said. Learning about the amount of effort he is putting into his rehabilitation will give him sure wages in the world of .  However, the existing scars on his left knee could affect his play since the shock of the swing will be absorbed by the left knee.

2. Wood has won 71 PAG Tour victories through the years but this doesn’t assure him a sure victory in this year’s event. Add to that the fact that he hasn’t won any PGA Tour trophy since 2009.

3. Tiger is hungry to win as well as take revenge from his loses in the past. However, does it seem like too little too late for him to have such attitude?

4. Amidst his hiatus, no other player has ever broken Tiger’s records of five PGA titles. Meanwhile, there were 31 golf players who claimed victories in their first tournaments during his absence.

5. Wood is still considered one of the greatest putters in the golf history but an online sportsbook mentioned that he is slowly losing the skill recently.

The time has changed. Get to watch Super Bowl action straight from your smartphones and desktops on Sunday. For the first time, NBC is streaming the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl matchup online.

However, many doubt that this is a smart move for the Super Bowl after all the revenues the show gain from broadcasting from television. Online streaming became an option since there was increase in the number of American ditching cable services.

Why it is only now? The answer might be found from what at stake in terms of revenues. NFL’s television rights are priced at $20.4 billion. Four networks namely, CBS, NBC, ESPN and Fox, get a piece of the NFL schedule to broadcast on their networks.

Super Bowl XLVI will be streamed on and via NFL mobile app on Sunday but many are speculating that this will only be good for die-hard fanatics of the game. The app will let a user download video of the games found in the NFL Rewind package which will only be available after the game on Sunday. This is a good offer for those who play specifically the one type dedicated to NFL betting.

Amidst all the drama, there is still a great potential in the NFL’s new endeavor. NBC said that the main motivation to stream the Super Bowl final game is the people who don’t want to miss anything about the game. The people are those who are already watching the game on TV but still opted to turn on their laptops to get more exclusive updates off the Internet.

Lebron James Favored Over Paul Pierce for the POW Award

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics earned the first nod of the season for the Player of the Week (POW) Award but it was King James who took home the title for the Eastern Conference’s Player of the Week.

Pierce, dubbed as The Truth, was chosen by the Celtics as the 10th overall pick during the 1998 NBA Draft. In 2008, he was received the NBA Finals MVP when he lead the Boston to win the crown. Here’s an interesting fact about Pierce: he was one of the three Celtics, including Karry Bird and John Havlicek, to score 20,000 points in their entire stay in the team.

In last week’s game, Pierce averaged at 22.3 points, 7.5 assists and 6.8 rebounds in every game. It was Pierce who guided the team through its two wins against Orlando Magic and most recently, their victory over Pacers. Avid fans of NBA betting surely wagered high best high bets on Pierce last Friday. He scored 28 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists in the full course of the game.

However, NBA mentioned how LeBron James was exemplary on his game, “paced the Eastern Conference in scoring (29.0 ppg) in leading the Heat to a 4-0 week. James eclipsed the 30-point plateau three times and averaged 7.5 rebounds, 6.0 assists and 1.0 steals. Miami upended Chicago 97-93 on Jan. 29 to close the week behind James’ 35 points, 11 rebounds and five steals.”

The NBA Player of the Week Award is handed out in a weekly basis during the regular season of the basketball league. One player from each conference, East and West, is awarded with the honor. Players who exhibit excellent plays are the ones usually nominated for this recognition. To those who participate in online sports betting, it’ll be useful to take note of great players who receive the POW award.

New York Giants and New England Patriots Head to a Super Bowl Finale

On February 5, New York Giants and New England Patriots will come face to face in Indianapolis to decide who will take home the Super Bowl title this season. Surely, online football betting will be jammed in a few days time.

The NFL season was almost suspended after it was threatened by a lockout due to the squabble between the players’ union and team owners. Fortunately, the two parties were able to come up with an agreement which allowed the preseason to push through.

The final match up was determined after the Patriots beat the Ravens on Sunday. Patriots’ win was confirmed when Billy Cundiff missed a field goal with 11 seconds on the clock. To date, this will be New England Patriots seventh appearance in the Super Bowl.

Moreover, it will be Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl appearance. Brady’s performance against the Ravens was not very impressive since he threw no interceptions as well as touchdowns. But there’s still hope for Brady since he already got the Super Bowl winner’s ring and the Most Valuable Player title.

Meanwhile, New York Giants reigned victorious against the San Francisco 49ers with the score of 20-17. The game between the Giants and 49ers went to overtime and the Giants win was sealed by the 31-yard kick delivered by Lawrence Tynes.

The Super Bowl finale will take place at the Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. Try your luck in online sports betting and choose which side are you in this final match up. Fans of the Super Bowl halftime show should also get ready because Madonna is set to perform a dance choreographed by the creative team of Cirque du Soleil and various artists. The National Anthem will be sung by Kelly Clarkson.

Courtney Lee Balances the Busy Backcourt

Houston Rockets Forward Courtney Lee is back to his old rhythm. It was proven on last Tuesday’s game versus Pistons.

Lee provided the much needed relief for his team who was in the middle of all the court drama. All the other players like Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin have contributed their best to score. And Rocket coach Kevin McHale knew that his team was tired. The win over the other team was the highlight of the night.

The game marked the return of Lee to the court after recovering from a right calf sprain. Lee had missed a total of eight games this season. The Indiana-native player was an alumnus of Western Kentucky University and was the 22nd pick overall during the 2008 NBA draft. He was drafted for the Orlando Magic. For those who are into NBA betting, it pays to keep track of your favorite player’s sports records to see the progress in their career.  Sportsbook betting is popular these days and you should know how to be a step ahead against your competitors.

In the absence of Lowry, Lowry gained an average of 41.4 minutes in his games. This took place after his return from a foot injury. At the same time, Kevin Martin went to 43.2 minutes. The absence of Lee caused Lowry to play more minutes with his partner, Goran Dragic.

During the last minutes of the game, Lee scored six points plus two steals and a rebound. All these provided the relief the backcourt needed. Everyone hopes this would be the start of Lee’s return as a flexible scorer in the team.

Tebow Tops ESPN’s Sports Poll!

It is official; Tebow-mania has swept the nation. ESPN monthly Sports Poll named the Denver Broncos quarterback America’s favorite active pro athlete for the month of December. ESPN’s Sports Poll has been around for 18 years and in that time only 11 different athletes have held the number one spot. These athletes include Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tiger Woods.

Tim Tebow was chosen by 3 percent of the people surveyed as their favorite active professional athlete in the December poll. That put him in front of Kobe Bryant (2 percent), Aaron Rodgers (1.9 percent), Peyton Manning (1.8 percent), and rival Tom Brady (1.5) in the top five of the results.

The results of the poll were collected from 1,502 interviews from a nationally representative sample of US citizens aged 12 and above.

According to Rich Luker, founder and director of the ESPN Sports Poll, “To put this in perspective, Tim Tebow rose to the top before the end of his second pro season. It took Tiger Woods three years, LeBron James eight years and Kobe Bryant 11 years. I think we may be at the front end of a new era in sports stars.”

The charismatic young quarterback is known for his on-field prayers and old-school scrambling style of quarterbacking.

In Denver’s next game versus the Patriots, online sportsbooks the Broncos are 5-1 ATS while the Patriots are just 1-4 ATS. If you are going with the Patriots, the team is listed as the 13.5-point favorites on the NFL betting line for the match up.

Northern Irish Golf Stars among Individuals Honored by the Queen

Among the individuals honored by Queen Elizabeth II in Her Majesty’s New Year’s Honour’s List include Northern Irish golf stars Rory McIlroy and Darren Clarke after claiming their first major titles last year.

McIlroy was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) after becoming the second youngest major winner since 1934, thanks to his winning 8-shot performance in the US Open at Congressional where he slashed golf betting odds from +2000 to +225 after just one round.

“It is quite humbling to be included in such a list of worthy recipients,” McIlroy said. “Many people on the honors list have made huge personal sacrifices and contributed significantly to society during their lives. I feel very fortunate to be in their company.”

Just weeks after McIlroy’s win, Darren Clarke lifted his own trophy after winning the British Open at Royal St. George’s. It has been a long wait for the 43-year old, who was not even on the board in golf betting at most online sports betting sites. But his victory could not have come at a better time as he also received his MBE along with fellow Northern Irish golfer McIlroy.

“It is a great honor and a fantastic way to end a great year. I am very proud for me and my family,” Clarke said. “It was a life-changing moment really and in many ways my feet have not touched the floor since. And now this.”

Among other individuals who were honored by the Queen include Charles Allen, a board member on the London Organizing Committee and John Armitt, chairman of the Olympic Delivery authority. Allen is awarded the rank of Knight Bachelor for his services to the 2012 Olympics while, Armitt is recognized for his contribution to engineering and construction. Both men received knighthood with less than seven months to go before the start of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Facing Federal Drug Charges

Chicago Bears wide receiver Sum Hurd was arrested on December 14 and charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Hurd remained in custody on the night of December 15 after his federal court hearing on allegations that he attempted to set up a network that would sell over 10 pounds of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week.

Hurd appeared in before Judge Young B. Kim in US District court in a five-minute hearing late Thursday afternoon wearing a gray T-shirt and dark jeans. When asked by the judge if he understood his rights, Hurd quietly answered “Yes, sir.”

The hearing resumed Friday and went on until 3pm during which, Hurd was expected to be released on bail further proceedings which will be transferred to Texas.

The criminal complaint stated that Hurd expressed in a meeting with undercover agent his interest in buying 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine weekly and distributing it in Chicago. He then took a kilogram of cocaine after promising that he will pay for it after the Bears practice Thursday. He was arrested after putting the substance in his car.

The complaint also stated that during the meeting, Hurd told the undercover agent that he worked with partner who dealt with the majority of the sales while he focused on “higher-end deals.”

According to Federal agents, the case started in July in Dallas after receiving a tip from an informant. The investigators subsequently $88,000 cash in the trunk of a car belonging to Hurd.

The Chicago Bears started the season 7-3. Football betting odds put them at +2000 since their last win last November 21. When quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a broken thumb on his throwing hand, online sports betting odds fell to +2500. Hurd’s predicament is another blow to the team’s chances of making it to the postseason.

Lakers,Clippers and Suns NBA 2011 Season Preview!

Los Angeles Lakers

Though Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, the key pieces from back-to-back championships, are still there, they have several pressing issues to deal with in NBA 2011 season.

For starters, they made some rather drastic changes to their roster. They sent Lamar Odom to Dallas in exchange for Josh McRoberts, a downgrade considering that Odom is a very versatile player. He is a quality rebounder and shooter who plays within the confines of the Lakers’ offense.

There is also the issue of how Andrew Bynum’s health would hold out against the season’s compressed 66-game schedule.

Then there is the issue of a new coach. Mike Brown is getting a team with a bruised psyche after getting swept by the Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs. He has to carry the burden of getting the team back on track.

Los Angeles Clippers

If you are into basketball betting or a long time NBA fan, you would know better than to bet on the Clippers. L.A.’s other team hasn’t been a contender for a long time. Not anymore. Chris Paul’s arrival n Los Angeles is expected to change that. The Clippers ironically have one elite guard and one elite forward like the Lakers. However, beyond CP3 and Blake Griffin, the team’s roster is pretty thin.

Phoenix Suns

Online sports betting odds are not in favor of the Suns. What’s weird about this team is that they did not commit to maintaining the team that made the Conference Finals last year, nor are they committed to rebuilding. They let Amar’e Stoudemire go while holding on to valuable trade piece Steve Nash. They instead opted to give tons of money to forwards Channing Frye, Josh Childressa and Hakim Warrick. This is Lon Babby’s second year as President of Basketball Operations and it is still unclear how he plans to shape this team.